Before you place an order, you are asked to enter a delivery address. Based on this address, a list of available couriers will appear.

One option is: Super-Saver.

Super-Saver is offered when an item is shipped from an (international) distribution centre or when they are no other couriers available. 

Super-Saver is not a name of a company or official courier service, it is a mix of couriers we selected based on budget.

Delivery times:

- Delivery time vary from 5 - 60 days. 
- On average most packages arrive within 15 business days.
- During busy periods or crisis delivery time can be impacted*.

*) Examples; COVID 19, Christmas & New Year, Holiday Season, bad weather, bank holidays etc.

Best for!

- customers that want to save money.
- customers that are looking for an item, but can not buy it local.
- customers that need to ship international.
- customers that don't mind to wait.
- customers that want us to ship directly to their customers ( example, drop shippers).

Customers that want a fast delivery should avoid this option or ask our customer service in advance for an estimated delivery date. 

  PROS +  CONS -
+ Global coverage, ships to most countries   Longer delivery time                             
+ Track and trace information available   - Not for last-minute shoppers 
+ Free or low shipping fee   - No express delivery service 
+ Delivery by premium couriers 
+ Importing products 

Guarantees & terms:

- Eligible for a full refund if not delivered after 60 business days*
- Delivery time starts from the day we shipped your order.
- A refund has to be claimed within 90 days from the date of purchase. 

* during the COVID19 pandemic eligibility starts after 90 business days.